Octopi VS Octopuses

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What is the plural form of octopus?

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Octopi VS Octopuses

Post by aislinnz » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:11 pm

I had no idea there was even a thing called the Mandela Effect, until I opened up my King James Bible to read the Lord’s Prayer and it was grotesquely altered. I went online to search if maybe the words had been altered for some reason and came across many other people/things that are seemingly wrong. Thank God I’m not alone! Before I even knew about the ME, I had purchased a set of Bernstein Bears books for my children. I got one out to read one night, and I sat there rereading the title. I learned to read on those books. They have NEVER said Berenstain Bears...etc. etc. I can relate to many, if not all, of the other ME that are floating around. To be honest, I’m not particularly bothered by them. The changes to the Bible is what really scares me.
Sorry, I rambled...Ok, I was taught that the plural for OCTOPUS is OCTOPI never ever OCTOPUSES. I was watching a short documentary on octopi, when I turned it off because the man talking kept saying octopuses. I did a search online, and everyone titled their articles with octopuses. Finally, I said am I crazy, have I been using octopi wrong all my life? On wiki it says, now, that the correct plural is in fact octopuses, and that people have been using octopi entirely wrong. WHAT is going on?????????

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Re: Octopi VS Octopuses

Post by neXus » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:08 am


Hello and welcome to the forum. Great to have France on board now too :)

Actually i personally never wrote the word Octopus or its plural, so i have no memories of that and can't give a vote.
Did it change in french for you aswell?

However, you are not crazy. Things are indeed magically changing, as a lot of people worldwide already noticed, but sometimes we also remember something wrong, if the memory was just a weak one.
So it is not always easy to decide, whether something changed or if we just got taught something wrong.

Unfortunately i can't be of more help here, since i am not affected. Let's see what others will think about it.
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