I thought I was misremembering...

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I thought I was misremembering...

Post by osgaldor » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:27 am

Hi Everyone. My friend told me about the Mandela Effect earlier tonight and I was dumbfounded. There are several things I remember differently from the current timeline.

here is my list:

Jim Varney: the actor who played Ernest P. Worrell, I distinctly remember him dying in 1994, but when I looked him up it shows him passing in 2000.
Dom DeLuise: I remember him dying in 2008. but it says 2009.
Marilyn Chambers: Adult actress of "Behind the Green Door" fame. I remember her dying in a different month of 2009 than she did. My memory is strong and clear, I would swear to you that she died in February of '09. Didn't CERN go online in '09?

The original "Hellraiser" film of 1987: I clearly remember a scene where a man drives to an airport and has anonymous sex in his car with a guy he cruised in the toilets. But this scene does not appear in the current version of the film and I have found no one else who remembers that scene. I was working in a movie theater in 1987 when it came out and I assembled the film after it arrived from the distributor, I ran it for our free screening for staff of the theater. I was so shocked by that scene (I was 16 years old and though I am a gay man, I had not yet 'come to terms' with my sexuality and that scene was shocking to me). Does anyone else remember that scene in Hellraiser?

i had been playing with the theory that someone had been tampering with the timeline by virtue of the "Butterefly Effect" but now I've learned of the Mandela Effect and I'm stunned.

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Re: I thought I was misremembering...

Post by neXus » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:29 am


Hello and welcome to the forum. It's great to have you here :)

I do not know the names you posted, but you may have heard about the inconsistencies of memories about the deaths of Nelson Mandela, Billy Graham and more people. So others seem to have similar experiences.

I also do not know about the Hellraiser scene you mentioned, because i am not really a movie fan. However, since other movies do also seem to have changed, you may not misremember. Of course, we sometimes can misremember something, but since you have additional memories from working in that movie theater, i think it is more likely that your memory is not wrong.

I do believe you. Thank you for sharing your experiences. ;)
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Re: I thought I was misremembering...

Post by Nickie » Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:10 pm

I remember Stephen king passing away, I clearly remember watching it on the news with my sister and sometime later they found a manuscript he had never published. Then I saw him on tv recently with Barak Obama. I looked at my sister and said, that’s not right, king is dead, but my sister don’t remember him dying even though we both watched the same news broadcast a couple years earlier. It’s been driving me nuts to say the least.